A large part of the Olean AOH's mission is to support the community through service and philanthropy, all in the name of Irish heritage.


Scholarship Program

Annual $2,000 Scholarship Grants


Each year, two $1,000 scholarships funded by the Olean AOH are awarded to local high school seniors of Irish descent, including all children and grandchildren of Division members, regardless of residence, i.e. outside the Greater Olean-Allegany area.  For further application information, contact us.


The Irish Famine Memorial

War Vets Park - Olean, NY


The Irish Famine Memorial commemorates the more than one million Irish who died from starvation and related diseases during An Gorta Mor (The Great Hunger) of 1845-1850. The millions of Irish who were forced to leave Ireland to escape this great catastrophe, and the thousands of Irish who, as famine refugees or their descendents, found their way to the Western New York area.


The memorial features a raised stone from the Penrose Quay in Cobh Harbor, County Cork, Ireland that was donated by the Western New York Irish Famine Commemoration Committee to the people of the Olean area and in particular, to the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, and the Allegany Knights of Columbus.


The Ancient Order of Hibernians Cattaraugus County Division 2 is the principal sponsor of the famine memorial.


AOH Baseball Team

Amateur Men's Baseball Team Sponsorship


The Olean AOH sponsors a local Western New York amateur league baseball team. Congratulations to the team on winning the Alle-Catt League Championship for 2008... way to go, men!!


AOH Gargoyle Bagpipers

Offering of Practice Space and Support



The Olean AOH is proud to have its name associated with talented, Gaelic-rooted musicians who share the beauty of traditional bagpiping throughout the region.



Adopt-A-Highway Program

Between Exit 25 & 26, Interstate 86 (Southern Tier Expressway)


Members of the Olean AOH volunteer highway clean up services through the New York State Adopt-A-Highway Program. Contact John Walsh for information on how to help.


Saint Mary of the Angels

Festival: Donation of Time, Labor, and Equipment


Members of the Olean AOH volunteer to support a local church festival, donating the necessities for a yearly chicken barbeque.