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Executive Council

Officers for 2012:


Jeff Wolcott, President


Kevin McCarthy, Vice President


Paul LeBlanc, Recording Secretary


Bill O'Connell, Financial Secretary


Bill Walsh, Treasurer


Kyle Wenke, Sentinnel


J.D. Kamery, Marshall


Scott McLear., Chairman of the Standing Committee


Rev. Edward J. Sheedy, Chaplain



Other Administrators

For 2012:


Mike Wenke, Club Steward


Kevin McCarthy & Dan Dougherty, Saint Patrick's Day/Hooley Co-Chairmen


John Walsh, Committee of Correspondance


John Walsh, Club Historian


Bill O'Connell, Gaelic 200 Chairman



Corporate Board Directors

For 2012:


Brian O'Connell

Bill Walsh

Dan Dougherty

Ed Butler

Bill O'Connell